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Chicken basics - chicken vet

Backyard basics ...

  1. Removes all metallic and shiny  objects from the ground were  hens forage.  To prevent heavy metal toxicity and foreign body problems.
  2. Feed food off the floor - to prevent the hens inadvertently eating their poo - and getting parasites
  3. Give table scraps off the ground - on a tray or paper - but off the floor ! to prevent the hens inadvertently eating their poo - and getting parasites
  4. Treat your hens approximately every 2 months with the following tree medications.
  5. "Bird wormer"  a dewormning in water medication to control worms in hens
  6. "Cocci amprol" an in water product to control coccidiosis i hens
  7. An insecticidal pray "AIL" to control external parasites on the bird - including nocturnal ones -
  8. Also spray the roosting perch
  9. Diet - egg laying hens need a commercial laying ration as a starting point, as there is a very high calcium and protein need to produce the "miracle" egg ! 
  10. Fox proof the chicken home.  Foxes usually attack at night and are smart and perservere. 
  11. Protect your hens from the cold in winter  - a wind prrof, awrm roosting area in winter.  Can insulate the area with bubble wrap.  can add an external heat source.  Jumpers if there are lots of body featehrs lost, or in temepratures are under 10 degress. 
  12. In summer provide shade and COLD water to drink.  Add an ice block to the water on cold days.
  13. Many hens enjoy 1 on 1 human cuddling - foster it!
  14. Get chicken nappies - or make a chicken nappy  and bring the ehns indoors to play.
  15. Chickens are so intelligent and easy to train, and have unique personalities. 

    it is essential to have a good chicken  vet for your chickens lined up, as by the time chickens are showing symptoms of ill health it is usually time for immediate treatment. 

    Be proactive take one hen to The chicken vet in Burweood  and get testing and advice for your whole flock