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Leg band removal- Bird vet - Avian vet

We at our melbourne-bird-vet see Leg bands that often get to tight, and constrict the blood supply.

The birds foot becomes Painful and swollen as the leg band further consticts the venous blood flow.

The birds foot below the leg band becomes so swollen and eventually the miserable painful patient  looses its leg.

the condition of a tight leg band in a parrot is easy to treat if caught early enough.

As the birds bones are thin and brittle - we remove tight leg bands under general anaesthesia. 

many bands are stainless steel and so very difficult to cut.

Using a super fine diamond bur and a dremmel the band is cut in two places and literlally falls off.

the procedure is done during the vet visit and takes about 10 minutes.

THe patient recovery is rapid and the pain and swelling immediately relived.


bird-vet leg band removal

Bird veterinarian Dr Phil removing a tight leg band from a Quacker parrot.