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 Daytime Phone: (03) 9808 9011 to book an appointment with an avain veterinarian.

The Avian Vets are usually free between 2 -3  pm For updates and "Bird-vet" related questions.

After Hours Phone: as above or Pet Emergency and Specialist Centre 9569 3677
(emergencies only)


Bird Vet Melbourne

128 Highbury Road




Melbourenbirdvet, home of avian specialist vets.

Welcome to Bird Vet melbourne – Avian Veterinary hospital

The only specialist bird vet hospital in Melbourne with three avian veterinarians.  The Melbourne based Specialist Bird Veterinary Hospital is located in  south eastern suburbs of Melbourne treating birds from Caulfield, Ashwood, Mount Waverly, Seaford.   We do Beak trims in pet birds including, Parrots, cockatoos , budgerigars,  cockatiels, Chickens.

We treat chickens at our vet clinic on a daily basis

Bird vet Melbourne has light curing dental acrylics to repair beaks.  The avian vets have various dremmels to help shape beaks back to normal. The vets often use magnification to correctly shape a beak, trim a beak and repair beaks.  


If you need a bird veterinarian this Melbourne bird Vet facility is caring and empathetic.    The bird vet hospital has equipment and  facilities and incubators that are purpose made for the small bird pet patient.