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Bird Vet Melbourne   -   An avian pet veterinary service 

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Bird Vet Melbourne is a  bird veterinary hospital in Melbourne with three  avian veterinarians,  dedicated to the health and well being of  our avian patients.  Ask for a tour of the bird vet hospital, and see the high standard of avian vet patient care, for the bird hospital in patients.   We see pet birds, pet chickens, wildlife avian patients and help with avian welfare related to birds  and chickens. The avian vets  have post graduate qualifications in Bird Medicine and Surgery, Have trained with bird specialists, in Australia and overseas. Our avian vets have extensive practical avian experience in both bird veterinary medicine and Bird  Surgery

The senior Veterinarians Dr Phil and  Dr Ruth and Dr Esther.  The bird hospital has been approved as a training facility for specialist avian veterinarian training.  

To enable bird owners to provide the best possible care for birds we have a beautiful "behind the scenes" avian hospital set up.   We   know that a good understanding of bird behavior, nutrition, husbandry and health care are also all important. Supporting our bird veterinarians we have bird behaviorists, Mel Vincint and  Kate Mornement who is able to help owners with basic and advanced bird training using positive reinforcement techniques and, working in conjunctions with our avian veterinary team, to  help owners deal with complex challenges such as aggression and  feather destructive behavior. Together with our avian veterinary nurses - Georgia, Kym, Tayla we are passionate about helping owners to have healthy, beautiful and amazing relationships with their pet birds. 

At Bird Vet Melbourne you can be confident that you will be fully supported with expert avian care,  and sound advice relevant to the individual species of birds that you keep and that you’ll be well equipped to make the best ongoing health care and treatment decisions. With fully equipped examination rooms, diagnostic facilities and pharmaceutical stores tailored for bird patients, we provide on-the-spot assistance for all bird health and medical needs. The clinic was remodeled in and refashioned in 2014 as an approved training facility for bird specialist veterinarians..

Part of the bird keeping community

Formerly called Highbury Veterinary Clinic, Melbourne Bird  Hospital has been an integral part of the bird keeping community for over 30 years, in fact since 1982. In that time, we have  helped thousands of bird patients . Our clients know that they can rely on Bird  vet Melbourne,  for sound advice and treatment options and that their birds will be in the very best hands with our experienced avian vet  team.

Bird Vet Melbourne

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The actual team assisting with a  chicken Surgery, at Melbourne Bird Vet with visiting vets, and vet students doing their placements.


Bird Vet Melbourne 

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The  bird vet hospital in Melbourne with four avian Veterinarians. Bird Vet Melbourne is open 7 days a week. Please call the clinic during office hours to make an appointment with the avian vets and  bird veterinarains..    Need a bird vet ? We treat pet birds including  Parrots, chickens , pigeons, Eccys, budgies, Lorikeets, canaries, budgerigars, cockatiels, Ducks, finches and more. Chicken vet. Dr Phil is an AQIS vet.. For reviews see


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