Bird Vet Melbourne

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We are a avian clinic with a  team of avian veterinarians , working in a  bird hospital designed for the unique needs of the avian species we see.

We have purpose build hospital cages that cater for larger birds like Macaws and chickens , to the smaller birds like canaries and finches.  Each hospital cage or enclosure is set up with the utmost care to details for the species that will be staying with us.  From the temperature to the perches , the toys and enrichment,  each delicate avian patient  has unique requirements.

So if you are looking for a caring and compassionate  bird vet, parrot vet or chicken vet, with tons of experience, Bird Vet Melbourne is centrally located with on site parking

We have vast expertise, working under a bird specialist for over 15 years,  in treating a diverse  birds including:

•             Parrot – Parrot vet – including Budgie,  Canary vet

•             Waterbirds like ducks and geese

•             Chickens  both rescue birds, Pet layers, Broilers and Backyard flock health maintenance .

Each avian patient  is t treated by a bird veterinarian with in-depth knowledge of avian medicine and surgery.

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Bird vet Melbourne can assist with

•             General health check-ups

•             Do ideal Wing clips for the patient.

•             Treat over grown beak, Acrylic beak repair and if needed Beak trims

•             DNA sexing – this has replaced surgical sexing that needs an anesthetic.

•             We are experienced in avian Soft tissue and bird vet orthopedic surgery

•             Bird vet Melbourne has a dedicated Behavior staff member.

•             Blood and fecal analysis – Dr Phil has post graduate studies in Clinical pathology and can help get the most out of avn blood work.  We can do full bloods with 0.3 ml of blood – about 3 drops !!

•             Onside Digital x-rays,

birdvet near me - best avian vet


 Is there an "avian vet near me" -?  Bird vet Melbourne is located in the middle of the Melbourne Metro Area.  We have tried to make it the warmest  : "Bird vet near me" . 


Why  choose Bird Vet Melbourne?

•             Birds are our passion, we care and understand pet birds.

•             The Avian hospital that was designed and set up and  accredited to train future generations of avian specialist vets.  – Perfect for the bird vet patient needing hospital care. 

•             Parrot training and socialization classes – like you may have attended with by our dogs.

•             Chicken training classes