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Quarantine period for Budgies - Budgerigar disease prevention program

Please take note that Budgerigars can go periods without water and there may be inconsistent intake of water especially in cold weather and possibly with “bad” tasting medications.  Does you budgerigar have an educated palate?  

So the 6 week initial quarantine program is to target the common Budgerigar diseases:

  • Canker – or trichomoniasis –the most common debilitating pet budgie disease.
  • Coccidiosis – common in birds housed in outdoor aviaries especially planted aviaries and after rain
  • Chlamydia or Psittacosis – a respiratory disease - usually mild in Budgerigars.
  • Worms – less common - but asociated with fecal contamination of food or grit.
  • Megabacteria – a fungal disease that is present in most aviaries and very difficult to clear of confirm.
  • Scaly face mite (Cnemidocoptes ) – usually manifests only in single birds, associated with underlying stress or malnutrition.  


When trying to eliminate or just controlling disease it is important to understand how infectious agents may be spread. This can be by direct contact between birds, feather dust, air droplets or via contaminated surfaces (such as cages). Mixing of birds from different sources like in interstate competitions is a very significant factor for disease transmission.

Set up a relationship with an avian veterinarian to diagnose your specific disease issues – usually autopsy and Histopathology is the best value testing in a valuable  aviary – as a diagnosis is needed.   With Budgerigar vet advice here is a suggested program.

Four to 6 week quarantine program with in water medications - BUDGERIGAR DISEASE PREVENTION PROGRAM

  1. Days 1 Moxivet-Plus for  24 hours - contains moxidectin and Praziquantal
  2. Day 2 : Ronivet  for 7 days - contains ronnidazole 
  3. Day 9 Break
  4. Day 10 Doxvet  (doxycycline  and vitamins)  for  10 days
  5. Day 20 break
  6. Days 21 Amproli-vet for 5 days - to treat cociddia and impart imunity to cocci in budgerigars
  7. Days 26 ​Break 
  8. Days 27 Moxivet in drinking water for  1 day

If you doubt whether  the birds are drinking  add another day or two to the protocol.

There will be natural immunity through exposure to disease but  birds traveling and showing  will get exposed to “new”  strains of the disease from other in contact birds and possibly be a bit stressed .

Keeping a clean and hygienic aviary is very important in the disease prevention and control program. Ensure regular thorough scrubbing of organic material such as droppings, seeds, nesting material and dried foods BEFORE using a disinfectant throughout the cage.

The reason for treating Cocci or coccidiosis in budgerigars with amprolium is that it is a drug that allows immunity to cocci to build up as it is coccidiostatic.

Moxivet and Moxivet plus teat Scaly face mites Cemodecoptes Pillae and worm parasites in budgerigars.

Keeping a clean and hygienic aviary is very important in the disease prevention and control program

When returning from a Show -