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Bird healthy recipes 


Zoe's parrot Chop  parrot chop mix diet | best bird vet


2 cups of brown rice

1 carrot

1 broccoli (head and stem)

3 red chili

1-2 handfuls of green beans

1 corn cob


Cook the brown rice as per packet instructions. Blend carrot, broccoli, chilli and green beans until roughly chopped. Mix chopped vegetables in with cooled rice. Cut kernels from corn cob and mix through. I freeze mine in small (200ml) Tupperware containers as we go through quite a lot of it! 

When feeding it to the birds, I mix in pellets and one teaspoon of budgie seed.( see pic) 

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I have experimented with other veggies but have found that the ones listed above freeze and defrost the best.