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The most common disease conditions are 

  1. Canker or trichomoniasis infection - this needs to be treated with a  nitro-imidazole antibiotics.  Either metrinidazole, carnidazole, secinadazole, ronnidazole, we are not recommending dimeteronidazole at present due to it being more toxic.
  2. Worms - round worms - Treated with levamisole, moxidectin or pyrantal
  3. Coccidioses or Cocci in pigeons - treated with pigeons Toltazurol or Amprolium
  4. External parasites - treated with a permethoprim topical spray.
  5. Chlamydiosis - treated with Doxycycline antibiotics.  This is potesniallt a potentially disease and catch to people.  This is different to the std Chlamydia.

Finding a stray dove or pigeon

The pigeon vets and Dove veterinarians recommend treating your rescue bird for the five conditions listed above.  Alternatively we can do some tests on the droppings and blood and only treat as needed.  

Dove Diet 

Give your dove a seed mix. There are a variety of seed mixes that are made specifically for pigeons and doves. These typically contain a mixture of a variety of seeds, including millet Doves usually do well with small seeds like those for canaries, finches  or Budgerigards.

Add pellets made for budgerigars or canaies to the  diet. In addition to seeds, many doves benefit from eating pellets. These pellets are excellent nutrition for grain eating birds, like doves , or igeons.

You will need to transition your bird onto them by gradually mixing them into your bird's seeds. T

Provide fresh fruits and vegetables. Doves should be offered fresh fruits and vegetables alongside seeds and pellets.  Finely chop the vegegs into a "chop salad"

The pigeon vet near me recommends to Grow seeding grasses from the budgie seed in a pot plant - easy and fun.  

Fun Facts

  • A turtle dove has a ring around its neck.
  • Doves have been kept for thousands of years for pets, food and sending messages.
  • Doves mate for life and will only choose another if their mate dies. In dove love, “making out” is called “billing,” and can be quite feisty!