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Crop stasis is when the crop of the chick does not empty within 6 hours

the clinical signs are

  1. regurgitation
  2. loss of feeding response
  3. Dehydration  as evidenced by
  • reddened wrinkled skin
  • sunken eyes
  • tenting of the skin

Treatmtent of Sour crop

Empty out the crop contents and examine them under the microscope - are their bacterial or yeasts ?

avain vets hem flush out the infected crop contenets with sterile drip fluids

Vets rehydrate the chick with injectable fluids try about 15 % bw per day

Keep the baby warm throughout the procedure

Fennel tea has proved a good initial natural product to get the crop moving( purchase fennel tea bags)

We start with and electrolyte solution like and gradually reintroduce hand rearing fonmulae ijntially diluting it and increasing the consistenmcy over the next 2 -3 days.

We usally add mycostatin and anti yeast product to prevent yeast build up - apple cider viniger addded at about 5 ml/litre also helps.

Neonatal Birds: Care and Treatment adapted from  Avain specialist Dr Bob Donelly