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My bird is sick what should I do?

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Remember that birds hide signs of disease very well, so by the time the bird looks like the bird in the picture, it needs avian veterinary attention as soon as possible.

Phone Contact  Bird Vet Melbourne on 98089011 and book as  appointment -or inform the nurse if there is an emergency.  Come immediately!!:

  • If there is any bleeding from a wound, apply pressure.  Bring your pet bird into to Melbourne Bird Vet immediately .  Bleeding birds are treated as emergency cases.
  • Keep the bird warm, about 26° C, is ideal  but not directly in front of a heater or sunlight. Minimise stress.
  • Bring your bird in to the avian vet
  • When transporting your bird to the clinic -  please bring it in its own cage , or cardboard box with holes  or a cat carrier
  • Offer your bird food and water.

The sooner the bird vets get to treat your pet  the better!

Note the typical appearance of a sick bird in the picture - "fluffed" and  weak.


1) What about covering your bird’s cage to warm it up?

"That does nothing to keep your bird warm,” said Larry Nemetz, DVM, an avain-only veterinarian in California. As a bird vet he  compares it to a person lying down in a canopy bed on a cool night and then suspending the blanket on top of the canopy, 6 feet above his or her body. "The person’s body heat is not enough to heat up all that space underneath the canopy,” he said. "The same is true when you cover a bird’s cage. The average bird lives in a cage that has 20 times the airspace of its body. A bird can’t generate enough heat to heat up the entire airspace under the cover.”

bird vet,  avian nurses attending to an avian patient

A cHicken being monitired by trained avain nurses and bird vet Melbourne 

Welcome to Bird Vet melbourne – Avian Veterinary hospital

A  bird vet hospital in Melbourne with three avian veterinarians.  The Melbourne based  Bird Veterinary Hospital is located in  south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, in Victoria, Australia.   We see pet many species of pet birds including, Parrots, cockatoos , canaries, budgerigars,  cockatiels, ducks, chickens, pigeons and  finches.  

Chickens are one of the most common species treated by our vets - chicken vet.

If you need a bird veterinarian this Melbourne bird Vet facility is caring and empathetic.    The bird vet hospital has facilities and incubators that are purpose made for the small bird pet patient.