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Bird Specialist Dr Pat say

..Birds may be affected by a number of different species of worms, the most common of which are round worms, tape worms, gizzard worms and Capillaria.

Dr Pat a "Specialist Bird Vet"  recommends microscopic evaluation of your birds droppings to determine if there are intestinal worms or other parasites such as giardia or coccidia present, and to treat the worms appropriately depending on findings.

Pet bird Droppings are easily collected by placing newspaper under your birds perch and this paper may be brought to the clinic. If your bird currently has a worm infestation the birds environment must be cleaned up as well as worming every 2-4 weeks with appropriate medication for the type of worms found. With aviaries that have had problems in the past we may recommend routine worm treatment between three and six times a year, but especially before and after the breeding season. Worming medication can either be given orally (the preferred method) or put in the birds drinking water. Drinking water medication is not as reliable.

Bird Vet Victoria  has Over the counter deworming medications for sale. 

The bird clinic has chicken wormers that can be given to egg layers and one can STILL eat the eggs No withholding periods. (Chicken Vet - Victoria).

Bird vet Melbourne is the only veterinary clinic in Melbourne,  Victoria with a specialist avain veterinarain on staff and three full time bird medicine trained Veterinarains.  THe nurses love birds and are trained to nurse delicate avian patients  

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