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Healing after laser therapy in birds.


We are routinely doing laser therapy on birds, and are the most experienced veterinary team with avian-laser-therapy. The bird laser nurses have done accredited training in parrot laser therapy.


Laser-therapy-in-birds. The Avian laser therapy works on all three phases of avian wound healing, i.e. inflammation, proliferation and remodelling. Parrot Laser therapy for acute injuries, like bite wounds, feather-damaging behaviour and trauma wounds, results in wounds healing more rapidly. Parrot-Laser-Therapy in chronic lesions such as pressure sores, arthritis and feather picking induces healing. The duration of inflammation can be reduced by avian-Laser-Therapy, the phase of repair, during which granulation tissue is formed, begins earlier. The rate of wound contraction is increased with parrot-Laser-Therapy.


Class 4 Laser therapy for birds at Bird Vet Melbourne, the Bird-Laser-Vet, is done by the Certified Veterinary Laser team. Class IV-Vet -Laser is the recommended laser therapy for parrots. The Veterinary laser protocol has been researched, tried and tested in parrots and chickens and is now programmed so that your pet gets the right amount of “heat” and stimulation. The avian laser machine also measures the duration of therapy at a particular point.


Call for an appointment with the trained avian-laser nurse at the Melbourne-bird-Vet in Burwood.

We are using parrot laser therapy to treat feather-picking in parrots.

We use chicken laser therapy in chickens after reproductive tract disease.

We are using laser therapy in birds to treat  arthritis and lameness