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What is Lead Poisoning in birds

Lead poisoning in birds is confirmed on a blood test  with high levels of lead in the birds bloods. 

Diagnosis of Lead Poisoning in Birds

High blood lead levels in parrots , confirm the diagnosis . Parrot blood lead , is done at  Bird-Vet Melbourne. Many bird vets do blood lead tests in parrots, at the bird-vet facility. These tests will be done regularly during treatment of lead poisoning in parrots to monitor the recovery.

If you suspect your bird has lead poisoning, take your bird to an Avian-vet or a Bird Veterinarian, its usually an emergency.

Case of lead poisoning in Two separate Budgerigars from different households seen at Bird vet Melbourne on the 26 of April 2020  

Lead toxicity in Budgerigars.

Both budgerigars with lead poisoning presented with ongoing vomiting.  They both had marked elevations of blood lead at presentation.

The Budgie veterinarian  also ruled out the protozoal disease Trichomonas - which is the most common cause of budgerigars vomiting seen  at Melbourne bird vet.  Droppings test were done to rule out Megabacteria the second most common cause of vomiting in Budgerigars seen at the Bird vet. 

Treatment of Lead toxicity in Budgerigars.

  1. The birds are being treated with a metal chelator.  This injectable drug  removes lead from the blood.  The medline to treat lead toxicity in birds is called calcium EDTA.
  2. Drip Fluids
  3. Budgerigar Crop feeding 3 - 4 times a day.  Works out to about 15% body weight / 24 hours.
  4. Antibiotics 
  5. An optimal "5 stars"  Budgie hotel - Environment:  Attributes include   Quietness and peaceful.  Low  stress, 25 degree warmth in  heated incubators and   large comfy low perches.  

Prognosis for lead Toxicity in Budgerigars 

Usually quite good 

Cost to treat lead toxicity in parrots 

Costs are about $100 per day in ICU in an Avian hospital  for about 5 to 10 days .

Blood lead testing $75 / test X  3 

Consultation and Antibiotics and crop and droppings testing about $200

Not cheap !