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Bird Vet - Magpie Diet 

Dear Dr Phil,

Please find below the ingredients I have been using for Junior’s meals for the last  18 years


2kg regular mince steak

2 - 95g cans tuna in spring water (plain label) drained

1  - 420g can corn kernels drained

1 to 1 1\2cups grated cheddar cheese

1/2 medium carrot grated

2 eggs scrambled .

MIX WELL TOGETHER -  Place good handful of mix into small freezer bag...and repeat to you have a collection of little food parcels then freeze them.

When needed thaw out a food parcel in small container...then add the main ingredient which is 2 tablespoons of WOMBAROO Insectivore rearing mix and mix through the meat....then keep in the fridge.

This parcel of food will last 1 Magpie a few days.

I also add about 15 mealworms to his food bowl each day

Dr. Phil,  Junior does have treats at night when He comes inside. Small pieces of cheese and broken up Savoy biscuits...also he loves hard boiled eggs just the yoke....but he only gets a 1/4 of the yoke at a time twice a week.