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We had the pleasure of hosting Dave and Jamieleigh from Bird tricks in America, doing Parrot training and parrot behavior workshops ,  helping with behavior problems with some of our Pet parrots and  clients of Bird Vet Melbourne .


Is your parrot biting, screaming or plucking

Cyril - one of our favorite patients teaching Dave and Jamie about bird behaviour at our training workshop at the Melbounre bird Vet Clininc in Burwood.

their philosophy is  "We strive to offer only the best advice and training techniques to help you achieve the ideal relationship with your feathered friend. All this expertise has come as a result of personal experience, real stories, real lessons and real people. We are a small team, yet we deeply desire to provide that one-on-one assistance we can give to each and every customer who needs it."

We had quite a few imnformative fun sessions addressing varoius parrot behaviour issues and facilitating parrot training. 


Thanks to Mel From Works For Birds  for organizing it.


Is your parrot biting, screaming or plucking?

A red tailed Balck Cockatoo being trained - by Dave from at Bird Vet Melbourne