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Parrot training and Parrot behaviour

Bird Vet Melbourne offers professional parrot training classes and parrot behaviour modification for your companion parrots in a friendly – bird-safe environment, with avian veterinary support.

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The Bird Behaviour Service

The bird behaviour service offers parrot behaviour and parrot training consultants to the parrot-owning community. The parrot behaviour clinic does parrot training encompassing all stages of the parrot's life. Our professional parrot training with our accredited parrot behaviour consultants is an important part of the parrot's ability to live a good parrot-life. Parrot socialisation and parrot training ensure that unwanted behaviours in parrots like parrot screaming or parrot-biting are not reinforced.


The parrot training sessions are available for private parrot training sessions and also for group parrot workshops. The group bird training sessions are fun and popular and are usually held on Sunday afternoons. There is a large community of parrot-owning humans that really embrace and enjoy the parrot behaviour and training sessions, with the parrot school consultants.



Parrots can be trained at any stage of a Parrot Life.  Old age does not stop a parrot from learning new things.  In fact, the parrot life-span is so long, parrot training is recommended to keep their brain active.

New birds: Prevent unwanted parrot behaviour. The parrot socialisation classes, and private parrot training – one on one with the experienced parrot behaviour consultants are recommended for all new birds.


Parrot training workshops, Parrot school.

Parrot school: The parrot behaviour team offer group classes and parrot workshops both at the parrot behaviour school and in the outside flight runs – purposely assembled for parrot flight training and recall training.  Unlike puppy school, where a puppy needs to be a certain age to be allowed to attend, a bird can come to school at any stage of Parrot Life.


The parrot training and parrot behaviour team has some of the most experienced bird trainers and parrot behaviourists in the world! Most of the team have over 20 years of experience in training parrots and working with parrots.




Parrot Behaviour and Training is an integral part of Bird-vet-Melbourne and has been part of the service for 15 years.

​The Parrot Behaviour and Parrot Training provides behaviour consultations to companion parrots and their owners at the parrot-vet in Melbourne. The parrot behaviour sessions are very popular and educational and are recommended for new parrots. For parrot owners not able to bring their birds in, we offer online parrot behaviour consultations. The parrot school and parrot behaviour team run parrot training courses, and present bird behaviour seminars and parrot workshops at bird shows and parrot expos. We also offer safe parrot toys and parrot enrichment activities that can be purchased from our parrot vet clinic or the online bird toy store –Parrot

Parrot Consultations for parrot-related questions or pet bird concerns including basic behaviour problems, parrot enrichment and learning to live with a parrot, book a session online or call 0398089011 to book a parrot behaviour session. 

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