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Feeding / Diet

Food requirements of quail.

Avoid fecal or poo contamination of food either from other aviary birds or the quails themselves.  This is how worms, coccida and parasites build up !!

  1. A good quality finch or small parrot mix
  2. Protein like dog food or live feed like meal worms or insects
  3. Dark green vegetables
  4. Seeding grasses
  5. Soft food.
  6. Gritt
  7. Small parrot Pellets – like  Harrisons fine or Harrisons superfine, Zupreem , Vetafarm,  Passwells that are available from our Melbourne Bird-Vet

To stop the possibility of  baby birds drowning place small stones in the bowl, place a mesh screen in the water (preferably stainless steel) to minimize the depth, or replace the water bowl with a shallow dish.

Do not include a  compost heap.

Transporting Quail

Quail take off vertically when frightened!

And can damage themselves if they hit the roof of the carry cage/box!.

To minimize the risk of injury, use a small carry cage or box with a  1 cm or so sponge/foam rubber roof lining