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Quaker info - From Bird vet Melbourne

Quaker parrots originate in South America - Scientific name Mylopsitta monarchus monarchus.

These vocal beauties are one of the better beginner birds and make incredible pets and companions especially hand raised birds.

Parrot Diet - 

Bird vet Melbourne recommends the following Qauaker Parrot Diet  

Captive birds thrive on a highly nutritious diet with lots of variety. Two feeds a day for your pet Quaker is ideal

for example

Feed a " parrot salad" made up of

  1. 2 parts parrot pellets( like Zupreem or Harisons) 
  2. Four part vegetables with cord, peas, shredded carrot, chopped kale
  3. One part chopped fruit : Apple, papaya and cantaloupe
  4. Add sprouted seed 
  5. Whole wheat bread, cooked brown rice.
  6. one part  small seed mixed into the salad 

So you are feeding five food groups every SINGLE day Pellets, vegetables, fruits, Seed and healthy human foods.

the individual birds love sharing food with their owners and food and it is psychologically very bonding and important.

Quaker parrots need to be seen by an Avian vet or bird specialist vet when purchased and then once yearly  Our Melbourne bird veterinary clinic does a thorough examination of your new parrot and tests for disease affecting quakers,. .