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During the racing season , respiratory disease in racing pigeons is a major issue.  It results in poor bird performance.  It is often hard to see by the fancier.

Causes of respiratory infections in Racing pigeons .

  • Bacterial causes Mycoplasma,  Chlamydia and a range of bacteria
  • There are often several organisms involved often simultaneously
  • Environmental triggers include dampness,  hygiene. ( Know the humidity in your loft)
  • Nutrition – appropriate for stage or life and training.
  • Concurrent issues esp Canker level, Worms, Cocci
  • Younger birds are more susceptible than older Birds.
  • Stocking density in each section of the loft.
  • First part of the year in Victoria , we see more cases.

Diagnosis of respiratory disease in racing pigeons

Often an Autopsy with Histopathology is a great start.  This is important to see the other diseases that are present at the same time , there may be multiple “things” contributing.

There are specific tests for chlamydia and Mycoplasma.

Treatments of respiratory Infection in racing birds

The most common antibiotic used by veterinarians is Doxycycline (we use Doxybiotic – as it also contains additional Vitamin A and other ingredients to aid recovery, and it was developed for Pigeons).  It is a Prescription medication.

Over the counter Chlortetracycline and Oxytetracycyline are commonly used.

Enrofloxacin is our choice to start treatments in value individual birds.  It is bitter and often not taken well in the water.  It eliminates symptoms of chlamydia disease rapidly and is a good broad spectrum antibiotic.

Viruses – Like herpes, Circo, Pmv play a role in the respiratory disease complex.