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Scaly face Mite in Budgerigars

mites in Budgies | Budgie vet

This picture taken at the budgie Vet is an advanced case of mite infection in a budgerigar  

Knemidokoptes mites in Budgies at Melbourne Bird vet 

How to treat budgerigar mites ?

This bird is being treated by an avian specialist for scaley face mites.  The bird Specialist is applying oil to help with the mite treatments.

Budgie Specialist | mites in Budgies

the Budgie vets recommends 

  1. Look at your budgerigar cage set up and husbandry as healthy birds rarely manifest clinical disease with mites.
  2. the Budgie Vet recommends that you keep your birds healthy and relaxed,  low stress environment.
  3. The vet for Budgies has noted that  there is often  a nutritional deficiency - and adding vitamin A and dark green vegetables to the diet Every SINGLE DAY is recommended. 
  4. Treat with a Macrocytic lactone drug like Moxi-vet, this is sold at the Budgie Vet as an over the counter medication - The product t is freely available without a script.  The  Budge Vet product dose is 1 drop per 30 grams onto an un-feathered area. 
  5. Improve the plane of nutrition
  6. Decrease your birds stress - to improve the budgies immune system.

The Budgie vet Near me - recommends a holistic approach to this common presentation. 

The budgie vet near me has noted that regular mite and lice sprays are nor effective in treating scaly face in budgerigars.