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The best chicken wormers from the Chicken Vet


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The chicken-vet compares the three chicken-wormers recommended by the poultry vets. Flubendazole , Moxi-vet, and Levamisole .


The best chicken wormer, most recommended by the Chicken Veterinarians is Flubendazole: The Flubenol product is registered for use as a chicken de-worming medication in laying hens. The chicken-wormer is effective against the internal parasites seen at the Melbourne Chicken vet including roundworms, tapeworms, and gapeworms.   The flubendazole product is easy to use poultry wormer and Cost effective poultry-wormer even in larger backyard flocks.


The next chicken wormer is Moxvet contains Moxidectin. A macrocytic lactone is a Broad-spectrum chicken-wormer with activity against internal parasites including worm larva and their migration stages, roundworms, hairworms, and some external parasites like scaly leg mites and some activity against red mites. ( Red-Mites-Be-Gone is a product poultry-vet recommend for Poultry-red mites from ret-mite-treatment ). This chicken worm and chicken-tapeworm- treatment Moxivet-plus is also available and similar price. It is slightly less palatable in the water. They are NOT regitered for egg laying hens. As Chicken-moxidectin is widely used, a withholding period is recommended in laying hens. It is the best treatment for Chicken-scaley-leg mites and a single treatment is usually effective in eliminating scaly leg mite in poultry.


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Levam-hen-wormer is registered for egg laying birds and has a good spectrum against worms. Effective primarily against roundworms and some types of hookworms. Levamisole is active against threadworm, hairworm (Capillaria spp.), roundworm (Ascaridia galli) and caecal worm (Heterakis gallinae). It does not treat chicken tape-worms- nor Chicken gape-worms, nor chicken scaly leg mites.

Levam-hen-wormer can be used in other birds species.

Can be used with laying with ZERO withholding periods.

Administration of the Chicken-wormer is in the drinking water – and should NOT used on hot days due to excessive water consumption and toxicity.

Chicken wormer usage 

Flubendazole: Typically administered orally via feed or drinking water. May require multiple doses over several days for effective treatment.

Moxidectin: Available in various formulations including injectable solution, oral paste, or pour-on solution. The administration method varies depending on the formulation.

Levamisole: Generally administered orally through drinking water or feed. Dosage may vary depending on the severity of the infestation.

Dosage: of poultry wormers


Flubendazole: Dosage is typically added to the pelleted food 7 consecutive days.

Moxidectin:Is added to the drinking water or can be dosed to individual birds

Levamisole: Typically added to the drinking water


Safety Of the chicken wormers.


THe best chicken-wormer , Flubendazole: Is generally considered safe when administered correctly. NO Withdrawal periods need for egg layers.

Moxidectin: Generally safe when used according to the recommended dosage. There is a recommended withdrawal period for egg-producing chickens.

Levamisole: IN water bird-wormer  Can be toxic if overdosed, especially on very hot days.


Availability and Cost:

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