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What is a “Well Bird” exam?

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We want to ensure that our bird patients are healthy, happy, well adjusted family members. We are happy to offer pre-purchase advice as to suitable species etc. When you acquire a new pet bird we recommend a well bird exam.

During this visit one of our avian veterinarian will review diet, husbandry and training and offer advice regarding appropriate care and enrichment toys for the species concerned and your own circumstances. Your bird will be given a thorough physical examination and weighed. Claws may be clipped if required. The pros and cons of wing clipping can be discussed and the procedure correctly done if required.

Physical examination alone will not pick up all possible abnormalities. Depending on the veterinarians findings and the owners circumstances we generally offer the following tests.

Microscopic evalution of the droppings for abnormalities including worms, protozoans, coccidia, bacteria or yeast;

Blood testing for Chlamydia psittaci (Psittacosis). Psittacosis is a disease that people can catch from birds that, in rare circumstances, can be fatal. We recommend routine testing.

Other tests, for example checking for Circovirus (Beak and Feather Disease) may be advised for some birds.

We will recommend appropriate treatment for any abnormalities discovered. We suggest that pet birds receive a “Well Bird” check up each year to ensure ongoing optimal care and we are happy to send reminders if required.