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We provide you and your pets with an after-hours emergency service for critical illness or injury. We hope your pet never needs us for an emergency. However, common emergencies relate to car accidents, heart conditions, poisoning and a range of injuries.

Upon arrival, your pet will be assessed by one of our veterinarians. We will aim to provide an estimate of the costs involved in your case. However, please be aware that with emergency procedures, costs can vary depending on what services and treatments are required. Our veterinarians will keep you updated regularly during the course of your pet's stay in hospital. In some cases, we may need to refer to a veterinary specialist centre or a 24-hour emergency facility.

Please contact us to discuss our after-hours arrangements. It’s always nice to know this information before you actually need it.


Parrot First Aid Kit

To Keep your pet-bird As Safe ss possible click the header below : 


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Ensure Your Parrot's Well-being with Our Avian-Vet recommended bird First Aid Kit.

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Parrot First Aid Kit is an important “Companion” for Your Feathered Friend."

The bird-first-aid kit is compact and designed for common parrot emergencies.

The parrot emergency kit is durable and compact for easy storage.

The avian-first-aid-kit adds “peace of mind” for parrot owners.


Why Choose the Avian First-Aid Kit Section


  • Expertly curated for parrot-specific emergencies.

  • Input from parrot owners.

  • Compact and portable for home or travel.

  • Easy-to-follow instructions included.

  • Products are avian-veterinary endorsed.




The Bird-Vet-Melbourne team recommends this product for every bird owner.

It is part of our commitment and dedication to parrot well-being.



In the event of an emergency, it is important and reassuring to have a properly stocked avian first aid kit on hand. Many minor emergencies can be handled effectively at home if the proper supplies are available. In the event of a more serious situation, the kit can be helpful in stabilising your bird prior to transport to your bird-vet e.g. Melbourne-bird-vet.


Bird First Aid Kit

Birds are prone to injury just like any other pet. You need to be prepared in an emergency.

This bird-vet first aid kit is designed to treat minor injury and to stabilise your bird in an emergency before a trip to the avian-veterinarian. It is always a good idea to have a bird first aid kit that caters to your avian pets' specific needs. This is why our Bird first aid kit is an essential part of every bird keepers' medicine chest.


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